The Spherical Photography Lens Crystal Ball

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Capture amazing photos from a whole new angle with the spherical lens ball designed for photography.

  • Reflectica : 60/80/100/110/130 mm
  • High Quality: Made from high quality ultra-clear crystal material.
  • Portable
  • Use with any camera: From smartphones to DSLRs
  • Great Effect: Anything viewed through it is reversed and trapped in the ball giving it a fish eye effect.
  • Creativity Enhancer: Great tool to explore different sides of photography.
  • Innovative and affordable: Reflectica is much more affordable than a photography filter or lens and will also work with any device.


Clear Crystal Ball

If you are looking for a tool to achieve higher levels of creativity in your photos Crystal Ball is for you. It is a gorgeous photography sphere made out of high-grade optical crystal that allows anyone to dive into endless creative photography possibilities. You can capture a 180-degree view of your surroundings, right in the palm of your hand and it is so simple that anyone can use it. Furthermore, Crystal Ball is perfectly suited for any kind of camera, smartphone or professional high-end camera.